The customer is a precious guest who needs to be looked after and satisfied with a personalized service.
Our approach is friendly, but discreet.
The cuisine at all Le Zahir hotels is the perfect complement to a great holiday.
The Mediterranean menu is designed to offer fresh, typical food every day, particularly fish and shellfish, of which there is a wide choice. Special menus are available for vegetarians, coeliacs and allergy sufferers.

Le Zahir Lodge.
The cuisine of Mama Tsara also offers vegetarian, vegan and allergy-friendly menus. One of the best on Nosy Be, it offers delicious menus that combine Mediterranean and tropical flavors in surprising ways. The intimate and original atmosphere makes you feel like privileged guests.

La Plage De Le Zahir offers superb grilled fish and, if you prefer, the cuisine of Mama Tsara to enjoy by the sea. At Iranja and Sakatia, our 'feet in the water' restaurants guarantee you the pleasure of Mediterranean flavours to be savoured facing the enchanting sea. Images and sensations that will remain indelible in your memory.


For excursions and transfers to Iranja and Sakatia, two boats equipped with new 140 and 200 HP Suzuki engines and a fiberglass pirogue are available.

An ideal choice if you want to have autonomy over your timetable, avoid overcrowding with tourists from other hotels and control the people on board.

The sailors have regular sailing licences and there is all the necessary equipment on board for safe sailing.