Nosy Be is not just about the sea, it is also about the land, which has some wonderful surprises in store for you. From the naturalist treasures of the Lokobe reserve to the daily life of Hellville, not forgetting the sights of Lemurialand, Marodoka, the Sacred Tree, Andilana beach, Mont Passot and its enchanting sunsets over the Mozambique Channel.

So many places to see and experience.

The Lokobe
nature reserve

For nature lovers, the Lokobe reserve is a must-see. Seven hundred and forty hectares of forest containing all kinds of Malagasy vegetation. In the reserve, you can admire four species of lemur, chameleons, birds of all kinds and, with a bit of luck, the boa constrictor in their natural habitat. Local crafts are on display in the village.


Located in the north of the island, this is Nosy Be's most beautiful beach. White sand, palm trees, blue sea - in short, everything you need for an exceptional postcard and a relaxing day on the beach.

The little waterfall
and the sacred tree

Accessible only on foot, the Petite Cascade is a wilderness sacred to the Sakalava people. The sacred tree is a gigantic ficus bengalensis, over 200 years old, which is also a place of worship and prayer for the Sakalava. The tree is characterized by its aerial roots which, once they touch the ground, become the trunks of a new tree. This is how an incredible little forest of 5,000 square meters has developed, which reproduces continuously.

Mount Passot and the lakes of Nosy Be

At 329 meters, Mont Passot is the highest point on the island. The mountain is surrounded by superb small sacred lakes that are still inhabited by crocodiles. The panorama is exceptional. The sunsets over the Mozambique Channel are breathtakingly romantic.

Hell Ville

The lively, folkloric capital of Nosy Be is well worth a visit if you want to get an idea of Malagasy life. The most interesting places to visit are the covered market where you can find all sorts of spices at a bargain price, the embroiderers' market for tablecloths and curtains, which offer surprising value for money, the craft shops, the Madagascar chocolate factory, the Nosy Be rum distillery and the harbor promenade with its characteristic Sakalava boats.

and Marodoka

Lemurialand is a large natural park teeming with flowers and exotic plants such as Ylang Ylang, from which the best essences are extracted for the perfume industry. You can also visit the old rum and ylang ylang distilleries. It is home to a number of animals, including many species of lemur and century-old tortoises. Marodoka is the former Arab village and port.